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Facebook Page Creation as well Cost $250


How Would You Like To Have Engaging And Branded Search Engine Optimized Facebook Business Pages That Convert Visitors To Fans?

Are  you like most people who  sign up for a Facebook fan page and then have absolutely NO IDEA what to do  next or how to do it. Let us help you fix that today. What you need is a Facebook Fan/Business landing page that engages and inspires your fans and  soon to be fans. Please don’t make the same mistake that most people  make and send people to a boring information tab or your Facebook wall…You  need a well designed page that offers great content and helps watchers  become fans. You could spend weeks trying to figure out how to create these  pages and it’s not that easy, especially if you want to add Youtube videos  or images. OR, you could have us build your pages and have them up and  running in just a few days. The goal  is to create Facebook pages that get noticed and get people to take action  and become a fan of yours. fbisking

No Matter What Kind Of Business You Own, Small and Local, Or A National  Brand Your Business Is Losing Valuable Free Repeatable Advertising Without A  Custom Facebook Fan Page!

Have An Impactful, Engaging And Interactive Custom Business Facebook Page  with Features Like Embedded Video, Tabbed Website, Contact Forms, Links To  Your Website And More!


Custom Facebook Fan Page Specially Designed For Your Business: With professional graphic designers and programmers on our team, we  design and build custom Facebook Tabs featuring optimized content, videos,  audio and strong call-to-actions

Facebook Application Development:

Creating a facebook  application or a custom  Facebook Tab Design will allow you to market to a completely new audience  with a new angle. Once your branding and  messaging is complete, you can create a buzz using new media communities  such as Facebook and other popular social networking websites.

Many of our clients come to us with specific wants and needs.  Their project requirements cannot be met out-of-the-box, for these clients  we provide custom solutions built for their specific needs. Our developers,  system architects and programmers are proficient with FBML, MySQL, PHP, ASP,CGI, Perl,  database design and architecture.

FBML (Facebook  Markup Language) is an advanced subset of Hypertext Markup Language    (HTML) that leverages elements that are specific to Facebook. You can use  FBML, HTML or CSS to create a Facebook page design. This programming  language is the foundation for building all Facebook Applications.


Ordering our service you will get a personalized Facebook page with two  custom FBML tabs and designed pages with images, videos, links etc.

1. Facebook Custom Landing Page For Non-Fans:
This custom landing page will brand you and will be the first page that all  non-fans will see. The goal will be to encourage them to become a Facebook  fan of yours and show them what you are all about.

2. Facebook Custom Branding Page For Fans:
This custom page will be a branding and communication page for all of  your current and future fans. This page can also be search engine optimized  with certain keywords which will help bring more visitors to your Facebook  page AND website!

BOTH of these pages can have links to your website, Youtube video, graphics,  your logo, etc.!!!

After payment:

1.  You will need to grant us admin rights to your page (you do not have to give  us your password). This will allow us to create a tab on your page and  insert our custom FBML codes etc. First, you need to send us the URL of your  page, so I can become a fan and then you can give me admin right to the  page. Here is how you can give admin rights to  us:

a) The  person you want to make an admin must first be a “fan” of your Facebook Fan  Page.

b) Go down to  your “fan box” on your Facebook Fan Page and click the “See All” link.  Your  fan box is the box in the bottom left portion of your page where you see  pictures of all your fans.  Go ahead and click the “See All” link.

c) Once you  click the “See All” link, a new box will appear called “View Fans”.  This  will be a screen that has your “fans” images on the left, and now look to  the right.  You will see the button called “Make Admin”.  All you have to do  is scroll through your list of fans until you find the person you want to  make “admin”, and then simply click “Make Admin” – and that’s it! Once you’ve clicked “Make Admin”, that person will receive an email, or  message update on their Facebook Profile, that they’ve been added as an  admin to your Facebook Fan Page.

Note: First, this is also how you boot people from your  Facebook Fan Page.  If you look to the right of your “Make Admin” button,  you’ll notice the “x”.  If you press the “x” you’ll remove that person from  your Fan Page all together.

2.  Send us the URL of your website to serve as an example or any design  elements that you would like to see on you Facebook Page.

3.  Provide us as much information as possible about your brand, products,  services etc.

It usually takes 5-10 days to complete order!

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